Karikkayam HEP

Power Generation

Karikkayam HEP 15MW (3×5 MW)

Karikkayam Small Hydro Project is located in Chittar Panchayat of Rani Taluk, Pathanamthitta Disrict in the state of Kerala.

Karikkayam HEP is is one of the two small H.E. Projects identified by Kerala State Electricity Board (K.S.E.B.) between Kakkad Power House and Maniyar Barrage on River Kakkad. It is downstream of Ullunkal HEP site. Karikkayam HEP receives controlled discharges from Sabarigiri H.E.Project(360 MW) via Kakkad HEP(50 MW), and eventually via Ullunkal HEP.


The project was allotted to Travancore Electro Chemical Industries Ltd. (TECIL) in 1994 which transferred it to Ayyappa Hydro Power Limited (AHPL) in March, 2006. In September, 2006 EDCL took over AHPL and it became a subsidiary of EDCL.

EDCL through this 100 % subsidiary Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) company is implementing the Karikkayam project as an Independent Power Producer (IPP).

AHLP has got approval to implement the project by installing 3 units each of 5 MW capacity.

Project Description

The project has a Gross head of 20m and Discharge between 95.23 cumecs and 104.82 cumecs.

It consists of a 26.55 metre high diversion dam across river Kakkad and a dam-toe surface power house with an installed capacity of 15 MW(3X5 MW) located on the left bank of the river. The total length of the concrete gravity weir is 172 m with six gates, each of size 6.5m x 6m.

The power outlet block will be used for taking in water from the Dam to the power house. The power outlet block will accommodate the trash racks, intake gate structures and power intake penstocks.

The water issuing from the turbines (Horizontal shaft, S Type, Full Kaplan -3 of 5MW each) will be collected in a common tail pool and directed to the river through a tail race.

Energy Generation

The energy output under no overload conditions is 70.24 million units (MUs) annually and under 10% overload conditions is 71.67 MUs. This is based on flow duration data worked out by Kerala State Electricity Board (K.S.E.B.) and based on discharge data compiled from 1981 to 1991 at Maniyar Barrage and Catchment area downstream of Kakkad Power House and Karikkayam HEP site.


The energy generated will be evacuated at 110 kV line by a dedicated single circuit overhead line from the Karikkayam powerhouse to K.S.E.B’s Kakkad Power House Switch Yard.

Care for the Environment

The works involved in the construction are simple and do not affect the regime of the river or upset the ecological balance of the area. The land to be submerged -16 Ha- is private land only and will be purchased outright. For 6 Ha of forest land which will be required for work area, an equal area of private land will be purchased and afforested in consultation with the State Government.

Due share for the treatment of the catchment area will be paid and the work area landscaped after the construction.

MNES Subsidy and Carbon Credit

The project area falls in the hilly region of other states and is entitled for Rs.5.25 crores MNES Subsidy.

In Kerala, 656 CER units are generated per million unit. Correspondingly, the project with clean energy generation of 71.67 MUs qualifies for Carbon Credit benefits to the tune of about Rs. 20.68 Millions.

Capacity 15 (3×5) MW
 Generation  Over 70 MUs
 Commissioned  2009
 Location  Ranni Taluka, Pathnamthitta District, Kerala
Project Cost 9469.12 Lacs


Energy Development Company Limited

EDCL HOUSE 1A, Elgin Road

Kolkata-700 020, West Bengal, INDIA