Hassan Wind Project

Power Generation

Hassan Wind Project, 1.5MW

Wind power provides a clean, cost-effective and renewable source of energy with zero emissions.

EDCL owns and operates a 1.5 MW Wind Power Plant at Hassan in Hassan District of Karanataka.

Proven Wind Regime

The site is located at a hill at a height of 780 m from mean sea level under Rangapura Kavalu in Kondibetta wind zone. This site has been identified as ideally suited for the development of a wind farm based on wind measurement data(viz. annual wind speed, frequency distribution) collected by the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM), Bangalore. The wind data recorded at Hassan by IITM is one of the highest in the country.

Right Technology

The project is assured of exceptionally favourable results with Suzlon’s latest Megawatt-series S82 – 1.5 MW Rating Wind Turbine Generator (WTG).

The WTG design incorporates advanced features like blades manufactured using Resin Infusion Molding technology (RIM) ensuring higher energy output at lower costs, a unique Micro Pitch system, a flexible, adjustable Flexislip system that offers maximum slip as high as 16%, high performance gearbox, advanced controls, advanced yaw system and the highest hub-height in its class. The asynchronous generator of the turbine ensures harmonics-free generation of power. The remote monitoring and control option enhances ease of operation. It has many other innovations all coming together to generate high-quality and grid-friendly power.

Power Generation

The 1.5 MW WTG generates approximately 38-39 lakhs of units in a year. The total generation from the Wind Mill which was commissioned on 28.07.2007 stood at 1.18 million units till March,2008.

Two-stage Evacuation

The power from the WTG is evacuated in two stages. The first stage involves the internal interconnecting scheme. Here the electrical energy generated in all the WTGs of 1.5 MW at 690 V is stepped upto 33 kV by transformers. They are interconnected using a network of 33 kV overhead lines. Clusters of WTGs are connected to a Sub Vacuum Circuit Breaker yard for protection of the respective clusters subsequent to the Metering point where the energy generated is recorded for billing purpose. This whole setup of the first stage is completely executed on top of the hill.

In the second stage, the electrical energy after being recorded at the Metering Point is evacuated to a 33/110 KV pooling station constructed at the hill bottom and subsequently to the KTPCL Substation through 110 KV DC overhead lines.

A windfall of benefits

The project has helped address the pressing problem of power shortage in the district of Hassan and the surrounding areas. It has helped improve the voltage profiles in the area and brought voltage stability in local power supply.

The district of Hassan and in particular the town is drought-prone and does not have necessary infrastructure to encourage industries. Wind Energy generation is the most feasible industry that can be set up here. The project provides employment opportunities, better business opportunities to local contractors/ suppliers/ dealers and investments in infrastructure including roads and transmission lines, etc.

Of course, the major benefit is derived from generation of cheap, pollution-free electric power from a renewable source, i.e., wind, which would otherwise have been wasted, if left untapped.

Capacity 1.5 MW
Electricity Output Completed  2007
 Location  H-25, Hassan, Karnataka
 Power Purchase Agreement  CESC, Mysore
Project Cost Est. 9.20 crores
Power Purchase Agreement CESC, Mysore
Equipment Type Suzlon S82 – 1.5 MW WTG
Plant Load Factor 30.44%



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