Power Generation

Emission-Free Electricity

EDCL is generating clean, economical and renewable power from water and wind. It is contributing to meeting the country’s burgeoning demand for green energy and energy-security. It is also helping in mitigating Climate Change and saving the atmosphere from millions of tonnes of greenhouse pollution.

The Company owns and operates a 9 MW Hydro-Electric Power Project at Harangi, Karnataka and 7 MW Ullunkal Small Hydroelectric Power Project in Kerala. 6 MW Harangi Extension Project and 15 MW Karikkayam Project in Kerala are under advanced stages of construction and are likely to be completed by the end of the year. Another 270 MW of hydroelectric projects in the state of Arunachal Pradesh are in the pipeline.

The Company has two operational wind projects of 1.5 MW each in Hassan and Chitradurg districts of Karnataka.

The company is steadily looking to augmenting its portfolio of renewable energy assets and is steadily moving forward in this direction.

Hydro Power

EDCL’s main focus is the development of hydropower potential in India.

A snapshot of the Company’s Hydroelectric Projects –

project Location Capacity MW Start date/Completion Date Output MUs/yr
 Harangi Project  Karnataka  9MW  1997-1999
 Ullunkal HEP  Kerala  7MW
Total Operating  16 MW
 Harangi Stage- II HEP 6 MW  Karnataka  6 MW
 Karikkayam HEP  Kerala  15 MW
 Arunachal Projects  Arunachal Pradesh
 Pachuk-I HEP  Arunachal Pradesh  60 MW
Pachuk-II HEP Arunachal Pradesh 60 MW
Majingla HEP Arunachal Pradesh 60 MW
Pakke Bung -I HEP Arunachal Pradesh 15 MW
Pakke Bung- II SHEP Arunachal Pradesh 15 MW  2016CHECK
Tsa-chu –I HEP
Tsa-chu- II HEP
Arunachal Pradesh 24 MW
36 MW
Total Development 291 MW

Wind Power

The Company has two operational wind projects of 1.5 MW each, generating zero-emission grid-friendly power.

project Location Capacity MW
 Hassan Wind Project  Karnataka  1.5 MW
 Chitradurga Wind Project  Karnataka  1.5 MW
 Total Operating  3 MW


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